F U E   -   R E S U L T SWhen your "before" status gives value to your "after"...


Case 1

FUE Hair Transplant - Results - Case 1 (Before) Index - Bergmann KordFUE Hair Transplant - Results - Case 1 (After) Index - Bergmann Kord

2800 FUE grafts

  • Age: 33
  • /
  • Hair Loss: 7 years
  • /
  • Grafts: 2800
  • /
  • Results: 9 months

One FUE Session in the Frontal Area

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  • Stage 1BEFORE

    Preoperative review and evaluation of the thinning area.

  • Stage 23 MONTHS

    3 month review fto evaluate the course of the transplant's result.

  • Stage 39 MONTHS

    9 month review to obtain image of the complete result.

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