G.A.T. (Growth Advanced Transplantation)

AGF Hair Loss Treatment

The FUE Hair Transplant is applied in conjunction with the AGF (Autologous Growth Factors) treatment, since the use of Growth Factors contributes significantly, and in many ways, during the whole process of Hair Implantation.

The newest protocol for the FUE+ Hair Transplant, Growth Advanced Transplantation (G.A.T.), is based on the AGF Hair Loss treatment and aids in the rebirth and activation of hair follicles.

 The new method is considered exceptionally advanced, given that it “forces” the organism to react in an intense, but completely natural way, to hair follicles that are malfunctioning. This way, it “feeds” the area affected by Hair Loss with activated cells that take over the hair regeneration process.

Boosting the result

The effectiveness of the FUE+ Hair Transplant lies in the specialized application protocol used by Bergmann Kord.

It lies in the way and speed that the treatment is centrifuged, the control and measurement of the material before applying it, the ideal condensation of the blood platelets, the enrichment with special elements and others.

The results of this technique may be enriched further by applying it in combination with the Volumed® and Soft Laser treatments, after evaluating each case separately.

The combination aids in:

* Maintaining the existing hair, since the reactivation of malfunctioning hair follicles is achieved making it possible for them to provide new, healthy hair.

* Strengthening the transplanted hair follicles which are implanted to the recipient area.

* The swift restoration of the donor and recipient area.

θεραπεία τριχόπτωσης με αυτόλογους αυξητικούς παράγοντες Protocol at Bergmann Kord

The role of Growth Factors in hair loss treatment

Growth Factors are special proteins that are released by various cells of our organism (like blood platelets) and aid in malfunctioning or damaged tissue restoration, developing regenerative and reconstructive action.

Growth Factors are special proteins that are produced by certain cells in our body. They activate the repair of tissues that do not function properly or have been damaged, by developing regenerating and revitalizing action.

This is achieved by:

* Reactivating the weak, adult stem cells of the tissues under restoration.

* Activating the multiplication of cells in the area.

* Increasing cell metabolism.

* Converting stem cells to, in this case, hair follicle cells.

At the Bergmann Kord hair clinic, we increase the concentration of growth factors contained in blood platelets by applying the θεραπεία τριχόπτωσης με αυτόλογους αυξητικούς παράγοντες hair loss treatment. This way, a larger number of adult stem cells are activated, which steer the re-operation of the area requiring restoration. As a result, the self-restoration of any dysfunctions is achieved in shorter time and with greater effectiveness.

Especially when it comes to Hair Loss, the reactivation of the malfunctioning hair follicles is achieved. This way, the hair follicles are in a position to produce new hair and also strengthen and provide bigger diameter and length to the existing hair.

Treatments against hair loss at Bergmann Kord

Volumed® Hair Loss Treatment

Volumed© Hair Loss Treatment - Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic

The specialized Hair Loss treatment, Volumed®, is a distillate of many years of intensive laboratory research of Bergmann Germany.
It includes vegetable origin products, it does not have any side effects, it is dermatologically tested and submitted to the Greek FDA.

It is applied exclusively by Bergmann Kord.

Bergmann Kord’s highly trained personnel will create an individualized treatment program based on the needs of each organism and hair.

Soft laser – Hair Loss Treatment

Soft Laser - Hair Loss Treatment - Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic

The application of Soft Laser acts in combination with the Volumed® treatment against Hair Loss, in order to boost the results.

Soft Laser is completely safe and has no side effects, as it acts in an epidermal level. The laser beam operates mechanically, feeding the hair with energy, energy that is later transformed, in a mollicular level, into chemical.

Advantages of the Soft Laser hair loss treatment :

* Increases oxygenation and nourishment of Hair Follicles.

* It increases microcirculation at the scalp by causing local vasodilation and increasing blood flow.

* Prolongs hair growth cycle.

* Activates and energizes cell metabolism and activity.

* Reinforces the penetration and absorption of the therapeutic ingredients of Volumed©.

* Activates enzymes and protein synthesis.

* Improves the nourishing ability of hair follicles.

* Invigorates, reconstructs and regenerates tissues.

* Increases the percentage of hair in the Anagen (Regeneration) Phase.

* Activates roots.

* Accelerates hair growth rate.

* Hair Loss is stabilized significantly, as both 5-a reductase and DHT action is been prohibited.

* Regulates and normalizes sebaceous glands activity.

* Helps to treat scalp disorders.

* Increases scalp elasticity.

* Creates the appropriate conditions for new hair to grow and emerge promptly.

* A significant percentage of hair in the Telogen Phase enters the Anagen (Regeneration) Phase.

* Upgrades the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of hair (health, diameter, flexibility, strength, force)

* Hair gains energy, density, volume and strength.

Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis

To accurately record the effectiveness of Hair Loss treatments, at the end of every trimester a new diagnosis is conducted at the clinic, through Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis.

During this diagnosis, hair is retested and new records are made of hairs that belong to one of the hair life stages (Anagen, Telogen, Catagen).

Bergmann Kord’s specialized Scientific Team is close to every person, during and post-treatment.

At Bergmann Kord, the success of the result is confirmed. In practice !

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