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bergmann-kord-bullet With more than 70.000 successful hair transplants, Bergmann Kord is a world-renowned, certified medical organization.

This fact has made it synonymous with Hair Transplantation.

bergmann-kord-bullet Bergmann Kord’s basic principle, is handling each case as ‘unique’.

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In depth Knowledge, Expertise, Values, Vision, Partners, Dynamic presence.
The elements that, harmoniously, compose the status and operation of the Bergmann Kord Hair Clinics.

Medical Center

A member of Kord Group, it is one of the leading Hair Clinics globally, with its headquarters located in Greece.

This fact has made it synonymous with Hair Transplantation.

Under German organizational and operating standards, the clinic has applied, for 37 years, all the Modern, Internationally Recognized methods of Hair Loss prevention and restoration, with exceptional success.

The clinic’s multiannual experience, in conjunction with the application of the most advanced techniques – using innovative and cutting-edge technology – rightly place it as a “leader”, in the domestic market, and beyond.

Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic Headquarters

With more than 67.000 successful Hair Transplants, Bergmann Kord is a world-renowned, certified medical organization.

The mission

Bergmann Kord, fulfills its vision and mission by, daily, enhancing the quality of life, of the people that seek safe and permanent medical solutions.

The loss of hair, one of the most important factors for external appearance, is the motivation for the scientific centers to provide the most effective options against alopecia, such as Hair Implantation.

Enablers are : respect, honesty and professionalism.

The clinic’s goal is to fulfill every individual’s expectation for aesthetic improvement, putting into practice cutting-edge technology and innovative methods of treatment and hair restoration.

Bergmann Kord’s greater reward is the final sense of confidence and satisfaction, of all those who entrust it.

Our Team

More than 100 scientists, among them, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and nurses, with excellent training and complete specialization, staff the Bergmann Kord Medical Centers, throughout Greece.

Continuously updated on global developments in the field of hair, the clinic’s medical teams, are always in the center of all new methods, ensuring high quality services.

The FUE Hair Transplant (Follicle Unit Extraction), is the most recent medical achievement, in the Hair Loss restoration field.

Bergmann Kord President Vasiliki Korderas - Bergmann Kord

Vasiliki Kordera
Bergmann Kord President


Medical Staff
in action

The team - Bergmann Kord

Bergmann Kord
The Team

General Manager Vardis Korderas - Bergmann Kord

Vardis Korderas
Bergmann Kord General Director

Medical Tourism by Bergmann Kord

Welcoming of German clients, under the activity
“Medical Tourism by Bergmann Kord”

Additionally, it is considered the most effective “weapon” for Bergmann Kord’s experienced doctors, presenting spectacular results.

Each medical medical team, specialized in Hair Implantation, includes head doctor, two assistant doctors, an anesthesiologist and a team of, highly trained, nurses.

The sufficient number of participants in the medical team, both concerning quantity and quality, will ensure the best possible synergy of the triangular relationship of doctor – client – assistant.


Bergmann Kord’s basic principle, is handling each case as ‘unique’.

The clinic always focuses on people that seek a thorough, medical, solution to their demands, concerning the sensitive issue of Hair Loss.

A free of charge, comprehensive, scientific diagnosis, for each person interested, is conducted, obtaining all necessary information leadeding to the most effective restoration method.

As every person has different and exclusive needs, a qualified doctor for each case undertakes the design and preparation of the most appropriate practice.

Either through a reinforcing treatment or a complete restoration using the FUE Hair Transplant (Follicle Unit Extraction), a perfect result and the greatest possible satisfaction of each person’s expectations, is the clinic’s main objective.

Throughout its operation, Bergmann Kord, steadily invests in clinical research.

The aim is to keep innovating and be at the forefront, through new techniques that will, with dignity and responsibility, contribute significantly, to the great matter of Hair Loss.


Corporate Identity

Dynamic Presence

Bergmann Kord’s Medical Centers, in some of the most important cities all over Greece, offer the possibility to any individual for a personal visit.

Locations - Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic

In Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Patras, Larissa, Rhodes, the highly trained team of the Medical Centers, is always available to provide a full and reliable consultation to everyone.

0030 210 6828 888Gratis for Greece
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