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« The main goal is to obtain the naturalness through the transplant, making evidence of a procedure invisible. »

The FUE Hair Transplant is regularly used by Bergmann Kord’s medical staff for corrective surgeries, in order to improve the quality of previous implantation results.

The main goal is to obtain the naturalness through the transplant, making evidence of a procedure invisible.

Historical evolution

Hair Transplant, as a means to deal with hair loss, made its first steps in the mid-1950s.

For some time, the results were considered a revolution. New hair was growing in thinning areas. However, there was no naturalness and even those results have been considered not aesthetically satisfactory.

The operation itself and the mediocre results were totally visible :

FUE Corrective Hair Transplant 4 - Bergmann Kord
FUE Corrective Hair Transplant 3 - Bergmann Kord
FUE Corrective Hair Transplant 2 - Bergmann Kord
FUE Corrective Hair Transplant 1 - Bergmann Kord

Several years passed till relevant experience was obtained, which leads to integrated, aesthetically perfect, results.

FUE Hair Transplant: The modern and successful technique!

Corrective Hair Transplants is are applied in cases where :

* The hair line is very sparse or not-well-formed in proportion to the face.

* The operation lacks quality regarding naturalness and direction of the transplanted hair.

* Scars on the Recipient Area, are noticed, because of improper implantation.

* There is limited density in the final result of hair implantation.

* Large grafts and poor placement make the operation visible.

* The donor area appears abused.

It should be noted, that by applying the FUE hair transplant, Bergmann Kord’s doctors achieve improvement and restoration of previous results.

Finally, an outstanding result is achieved, always according each case’s potentials.

As a procedure, Corrective Hair Transplant requires special skills, even more demanding of those needed for normal hair implantation.

Specialized diagnosis

The initial diagnosis by Bergmann Kord’s specialists is absolutely necessary, in order to, responsibly, evaluate the current situation and assess the available Donor Areas of the hair follicles to be used during hair transplantation.

Finally, the level of improvement is determined, since corrective work is a difficult and very demanding process. In some cases, that percentage is defined as limited.

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