The most modern Hair Implantation method

« … a pleasant and painless experience that yields a natural and rich result, with no stitches »

At Bergmann Kord, all the newest hair implantation methods are applied.

The FUE hair transplant is the most modern and advanced method, applied with the extraction of individual hair follicles, one by one, from the donor area.
Subsequently, these are implanted to the areas, selected by the doctors, that require coverage.

For the completion of the procedure, certain steps are required to be followed, in addition to its initial design, like :

* Selection of hair follicles (depending on their placement area).

* Counting and grouping them (according to the number of hairs they contain).

* Quality control of the grafts.

* Preparation before their placement and finally,

* Other, final steps which will, as whole, ensure a permanent, aesthetically perfect, result.

And the most important one :
Using this method for hair follicle extraction, there is no need for stitches.

FUE Hair Transplant Session - Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic

Bergmann Kord’s medical team uses special micro-tools, during the FUE hair transplant.

These tools have the capability to extract the selected hair follicles, with careful and precise movements, from the donor area.

Improving the physical appearance

Each case is unique !

FUE Hair Transplant – Main characteristics

* Painless procedure, performed according to its strict protocol.

* Mild and completely controllable post-operative course.

* Absence of post-operative swelling.

The FUE hair transplant is recommended for the following cases :

* The person chooses to maintain a very short haircut.

* He wishes to undergo mini sessions of hair transplantation.

* When particular difficulties are faced during hair loss restoration (i.e. for skin types that tend to scar).

* When any other method cannot be applied.

* For very small procedures, when a small number of hair follicles is required.

* Where there is reduced elasticity in the scalp.

* When the capabilities of the donor area are limited (due to previous transplants).

* For hair implantation to the beard, the eyebrows, to other body parts and

* For scar hair restoration (corrective hair transplants).

FUE Hair Transplant - Advantages

* The post-operative course is smooth and only a few days are needed for the area to recover.

* The technique is minimally invasive since no stitches are used.

* Hair follicles can be extracted from other body elements, besides the head.

* The technique is ideal for hair loss restoration in smaller areas, like the frontal line, the temples and others.

* The sides of the scalp can be used as a donor area.

* It reproduces the natural way that hair grows giving a complete and undetectable result.

* By utilizing the FUE hair transplant, the doctor can perform fine maneuvers, in cases where the donor area has limited ability due to previous transplants.

* It is addressed to people with certain difficulties, like the lack of skin elasticity and others.

FUE Hair Transplant – Limitations

* Due to the nature of the procedure, there is more time required for its completion.

* The availability of the donor area is reduced after its session.

FUE Hair Transplant – Contraindications

The FUE hair transplant is not recommended when the individual:

* Has very curly hair (African hair).

* Has a particularly large hair loss area.

* Suffers from a particular type of Alopecia Areata.

* Suffers from Diffuse Hair Loss.

FUE : The most modern hair transplantation method

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