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« FUE Hair Transplantation is part of a complete plan which consists of specific steps. »

During a personal meeting with Bergmann Kord’s experts, the possible conclusions, regarding any subject that concerns Hair Loss, are given and treatment methods are suggested.

FUE Hair Transplantation is part of a complete plan which consists of specific steps :

1. Contact us

2. FUE Hair Transplantation – Doctor’s Plan

3. Preoperative instructions

4. FUE Hair Transplantation – The procedure

The painless Hair Implantation is also accompanied with an easy postoperative course.

There is no discomfort and any possible inconvenience can, easily, be confronted with simple painkillers.

5. Returning to work and daily activities

You can return to your home after the doctor provides you with all the necessary instructions and medicines.

After hair transplantation, the average time needed to return to your daily activities, is 3 – 10 days. Of, course, the healing period depends on the recovery ability of each organism and the special characteristics of the operated area. The doctor will inform you accordingly.


Many, even return to their everyday-routine, on the day following the procedure, while others within a few days.

24hour Medical Care

For the days, following the FUE Hair Transplantation, Bergmann Kord’s doctors remain by your side providing you with the necessary medical care.

Our services include:

* 24 hour Doctor availability, after hair implantation. He will be in contact/available for any kind of information you may need. He will reply to all your questions and will be capable to assist you quickly and efficiently.

* A Medical Assistant, authorized by the Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic, will be with you throughout the hair transplant procedure, and be responsible for your personal care and daily monitoring for the period after surgery.

Growth of new hair

The first signs of new hair appear 3 months after the procedure, about 10 – 12 months after the transplant you will have a complete, aesthetically perfect result.

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