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The “anatomy” of a successful Hair Transplantation 

« Diagnosis is the important first step which, decisively, contributes to the designing of a complete hair loss treatment plan… and is offered of no charge or obligation, to all persons concerned. »

The FUE Hair Transplant is the most appropriate solution for permanent Hair Loss Treatment. It starts with a responsible, personalized and specialized diagnosis.

It is a fact that Hair Loss is a complicated situation which could be addressed with correct and responsible treatment, considering the specific characteristics of each case.

These characteristics are deeply researched by experts, in order to identify the initial causes of Hair Loss.

At the Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic, a personalized diagnosis for Alopecia is offered of no charge or obligation, to all persons concerned.

Personalized FUE Hair Transplant

Depending on each case the appropriate Hair Implantation is applied, by a specialized on subject’s case, Medical Team.

The clinic’s mission is to provide, according to the person’s needs, the most specialized doctor for each case, aiming to the best, aesthetically perfect result.

This is the biggest achievement of the Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic.

Get informed about the Personalized Hair Transplantation Plan (P.H.T.P.) and the Step by Step Procedures :

Highlight from a personal Consultation – Diagnosis

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